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Fritz Busch (13 March 1890 - 14 September 1951) was a German conductor. Busch was born in Siegen, Province of Westphalia. He held posts conducting opera at Aachen, Stuttgart and Dresden. In 1933 he was dismissed from his post at Dresden because of his opposition to the new Nazi government of Germany. He went on to work in South America and Scandinavia before becoming the music director of the Glyndebourne summer festival in England. He remained at Glyndebourne until the outbreak of World War II. After this he focused on work in South America and at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. 1934 - 1951 he was principal guest conductor of Danish National Symphony Orchestra in Copenhagen. Busch was the brother of the distinguished violinist Adolf Busch and of the cellist Hermann Busch. He died in London in 1951.
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