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Frederick Stock (Friedrich August Stock) (November 11, 1872 – October 20, 1942) was a German conductor and composer. Stock was born in Jülich, Germany and given his early musical education by his army bandmaster father. At the age of fourteen, Frederick Stock was admitted into the Cologne Conservatory as a student of violin and composition, where he counted Engelbert Humperdinck as one of his teachers, and Willem Mengelberg among his classmates. After graduating from the conservatory in 1890, Stock was accepted to the Municipal Orchestra of Cologne as a violinist. In 1895, Stock met with Theodore Thomas, director of the then fledgling Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the man who was to have a decisive impact on Stock's future. After the sudden death of Theodore Thomas in 1905, Frederick Stock took over the post of music director of the Chicago Symphony. That year, he wrote a symphonic poem Life, "in memory of Theodore Thomas". At first filling in the position only on a temporary basis, Frederick Stock finally assumed the role of permanent music director in 1911 only after the Chicago Symphony's board of directors failed to persuade Gustav Mahler, Hans Richter, Felix Weingartner, Karl Muck, and Felix Mottl, among others, to take over the position. Frederick Stock's thirty-seven year tenure as head of the Chicago Symphony was surpassed in America only by Eugene Ormandy's lengthy directorship of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Soon after Stock's death in Chicago on 20 October 1942, Désiré Defauw was chosen as his successor.
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