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Walther Reinhart conducts Mozart: Vesperae de Dominica KV.321
14.10.2009, 17:06

О Вальтере РейнхардеМарии Стадер, Германе Шае,

Эрнсте Хэфлигере можно прочесть тут:


Lore Fischer
Born: May 27, 1911 - Stuttgart, Germany
The German contralto, Lore Fischer, studied singing and violin playing at the Musikhochschule of Stuttgart. She studied singing at the Musikhochschule of Köln by Maria Philippi.
In 1934 Lore Fischer gave her first concerts and became known now as soloist in oratorios and as Lieder interpreter. She appeared in the music centres in Germany (numerous concerts in Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Cologne and in more cities) and abroad. Thus she gave concerts in Paris (1938 and 1941), in Warsaw (1933), in Brussels (1938 and 1939), Amsterdam (1939 and 1941), in Graz (1938), and undertook in 1956 an expanded USA tour.
In 1942 Lore Fischer got married with the violist Rudolf Nel. With him and the composer Hermann Reutter she created the Lore-Fischer-Trio, which brought above all compositions of the Baroque period to the public. She lived in München-Gräfelfing, from where she went out to her expanded concert activity. Later she was appointed as a Professor at the Musikhochschule of Stuttgart.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Vesperae de Dominica KV.321

Soprano: Maria Stader

Contralto: Lore Fischer

Tenor: Ernst Haefliger

Bass: Hermann Schey

Organ: Arthur Baum

Winterthur Mixed Chorus & Orchestra

Zürich Reinhart Choir

Conductor: Walter Reinhart

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