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Pro Arte Quartet plays Franck: String Quartet in D Major (Rec. May 1933)
11.09.2009, 01:54

Pro Arte String Quartet was founded in Belgium in 1912, and transferred permanently to Madison, Wisconsin (USA) in 1941. After becoming the Court Quartet to Queen Elizabeth of Belgium, the Pro Arte began the first of many international tours in 1919. Bartok, Milhaud and Honegger entrusted the ensemble new works to premiere. The Pro Arte Quartet made its American debut in 1926 in New York and returned for 30 tours to the United States, often under the auspices of the noted patron of chamber music, Mrs. Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge. Their first visit to Madison was in 1938. Two years later, the musicians were stranded in Madison by the outbreak of World War II and accepted a residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the first such residency in a major American university. The Pro Arte became the faculty string quartet of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the late 1950s, an appointment that continues till this day.


The original personnel of the Pro Arte Quartet were:


1st violin: Alphonse Onnou

2nd violin: Laurent Halleux

viola: Germain Prévost

violoncello: Robert Maas


The current (2007) personnel are:


1st violin: David Perry

2nd violin: Suzanne Beia

viola: Sally Chisholm

violoncello: Parry Karp


Many famous instrumentalists have played and coached with the Pro Arte Quartet over the years.


The Quartet was founded by Alphonse Onnou, its leader, in Brussels in 1912. After the First World War it became famous for the performance of modern music, and also for its extensive recordings of Haydn. The Quartet made its New York debut in 1926 and performed at the inauguration of the Hall of Music at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. In 1932 they were named the 'Quatuor de la Cour de Belgique'. They frequently toured in the United States, and first performed at Madison, Wisconsin in 1938.


While touring in Wisconsin in 1941 they were offered a permanent residency. In 1944, following the disbanding of the Kolisch Quartet in the USA, Rudolf Kolisch took up leadership of the Pro Arte in 1944, combined with a Wisconsin Professorship. In 1947, violist Germain Prevost, the last of the original members, resigned. In the late 1950s, the Pro Arte Quartet became members of the University's School of Music faculty in addition to being artists-in-residence.





C. Franck.


String Quartet in D Major (1889):


I. Poco lento. Allegro

II. Scherzo. Vivace

III. Larghetto

IV. Finale: Allegro molto


Pro Arte Quartet:


Alphonse Onnou, 1st violin

Laurent Halleux, 2nd violin

Gérmain Prévost, viola

Robert Maas, violoncello


Rec. May 1933


(Партитура прилагается к материалу)


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