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Oswald Kabasta. All recordings.
06.06.2015, 01:25

Oswald Kabasta

(December 29, 1896 – February 6, 1946)

Kabasta was born in Mistelbach, Austria and later studied with composer Franz Schmidt. In 1931 he became head of conducting at the Vienna Academy. He also served as musical director of Vienna Radio about this time. In 1938 he became principal conductor of the Munich Philharmonic. His interpretations, especially of Anton Bruckner, are admired for their intensity and rhythmic drive. He enjoyed the public approbation of Adrian Boult, who announced in a 1938 radio broadcast that:"The present high reputation of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra is due to Professor Kabasta who, with Sir Henry Wood and Dr. Mengelberg, commands our admiration by virtue of sheer mastery in the business of conducting. Quite apart from their merits as musicians and artists, they are superb craftsmen.” Kabasta was an enthusiastic supporter of the Nazi regime. After the Anschluss in 1938, he signed all his letters with, "Heil Hitler!". After the end of World War II, Kabasta was forbidden to work as a conductor by the Allies when he admitted that he had applied to join the Nazi party (although he claimed to be "inwardly anti-Nazi"). In October 1945 the denazification authorities ordered the city of Munich to discontinue his salary. Devastated by his dismissal, and his relegation to the status of "common laborer", he committed suicide in Kufstein, Austria in 1946.


Musica Classica MC 2009/10

CD 1

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony no 41 in C major, K 551 "Jupiter"


Serenade no 6 in D major, K 239 "Serenata notturna": Rondo


Ludwig van Beethoven

Coriolan Overture in C minor, Op. 62

1941, Studio

Symphony no 8 in F major, Op. 93

1941 (1938?)

Richard Wagner

Albumblatt (for orchestra)*




Rudolf Schone, violin*

CD 2

Franz Joseph Haydn

Österreichischen Bundeshymne*


Franz Schubert

Symphony no 3 in D major, D 200


Giuseppe Verdi

La forza del destino: Overture


Ottorino Respighi

Brazilian Impressions

early 1940's

Ernö von Dohnányi

Symphonic Minutes, Op. 36

early 1940's

Theodor Berger

Legende vom Prinzen Eugen, Op. 11


Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

Vienna Symphony Orchestra*

Preiser Records 90308

Anton Bruckner

Symphony No.7 E-Dur

Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

24, 27.09.1942 (Musikvereinssaal,Wien, Studio)

Music&Arts CD-1072(2)

Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No. 3, in E-flat. Op 55

19.06.1943 (Tonhalle, München, Live)

Antonín Dvořák

Symphony No. 9, Op 95 in E minor

14.07.1944, München

Anton Bruckner

Symphony No.4 in E-flat

30.06.1943 (München: Live?)

Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

Music&Arts CD-969

Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No. 3, in E-flat. Op 55

19.06.1943 (Tonhalle, München, Live)

Franz Schubert*

Symphony No. 5 in B-flat

1943, München

Anton Bruckner

Symphony No. 9

1943, Tonhalle München: Live

Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

*Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra


Все записи из личной коллекции

NB! В материале две идентичные записи Героической симфонии, выпущенных одной и той же Music&Arts, но разница огромная именно в звучании, т.к. в комплект №969 выпущен раньше на 6 лет, чем комплект №1072. В более позднем комплекте оцифровка звучит ярче и вкуснее, если можно так выразиться.

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