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Julian Olevsky plays, Hermann Scherchen conducts Vivaldi: 12 Concertos for Violin, Op.8
10.06.2010, 23:20

Info about Hermann Scherchen

Julian Olevsky was born in Berlin on May 7, 1926. The son of a professional violinist, he began his studies at 7. In 1935, mindful of the growing danger in Germany, the family moved to Buenos Aires. Olevsky became a scholarship pupil of the famous Russian violinist Alexander Petschnikoff (1873-1949), a student of Leopold Auer who had performed and recorded with the Berlin Philharmonic. Julian Olevsky made his recital debut at 10 and his orchestral debut at 12 in Buenos Aires under the baton of Fritz Busch. A series of recitals and orchestral appearances throughout South American ensued. In 1947 he immigrated to the United States. His 1949 Town Hall debut in New York was a great success, and in 1951 he became an American citizen. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s he performed widely, touring the great musical centers of the world and appearing with the finest orchestras. He recorded extensively for the American label Westminster and for the Japanese company King. His virtuosity and artistry were well matched by his instruments, which included a Hieronymous Amati, one of the Rode Stradivari, and the famous "Emperor del Gesu" of Guarneri, once owned by Napoleon III. Julian Olevsky and Estela Kersenbaum became a violin/piano duo in 1965 when they met and subsequently married after a Latin American concert tour. Olevsky had a distinguished career as a teacher as well. In 1967 he was appointed Resident Artist and subsequently Professor of Violin at the University of Massachusetts. Olevsky died in Amherst on May 25, 1985. The eminent violin critic Henry Roth, in his survey of the great violinists said of him that he was "a brilliant virtuoso, a fine tonalist with glowing temperament and a tasteful musician and stylist."

Antonio Vivaldi

CD 1:

Concerto for Violin in E major, Op. 8 no 1/RV 269 "Primavera"

Concerto for Violin in G minor, Op. 8 no 2/RV 315 "L'estate"

Concerto for Violin in F major, Op. 8 no 3/RV 293 "L'autunno"

Concerto for Violin in F minor, Op. 8 no 4/RV 297 "L'inverno"

Concerto for Violin in E flat major, Op. 8 no 5/RV 253 "La tempesta di mare"

 Concerto for Violin in C major, Op. 8 no 6/RV 180 "Il piacere"

CD 2:

Concerto for Violin in D minor, Op. 8 no 7/RV 242 "Per Pisendel"

Concerto for Violin in G minor, Op. 8 no 8/RV 332

Concerto for Violin in D minor, Op. 8 no 9/RV 236

Concerto for Violin in B flat major, Op. 8 no 10/RV 362 "La caccia"

Concerto for Violin in D major, Op. 8 no 11/RV 210

Concerto for Violin in C major, Op. 8 no 12/RV 178

Julian Olevsky, violin

Vienna State Opera Orchestra

Hermann Scherchen


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