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Georg Schnéevoigt conducts Sibelius: Symphonies No. 4, 6 and Luonnotar
01.03.2010, 01:09

Georg Schnéevoigt (8 November 1872 – 28 November 1947) was a Finnish conductor and cellist, born in Vyborg, Grand Duchy of Finland, which is now in Russia. Schnéevoigt began his career as a cellist performing throughout Europe in the 1890s. He was principal cellist of the Helsinki Philharmonic from 1896 to 1902. After this, he conducted many orchestras including the Kaim Orchestra (now the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra), the Stockholm Concert Society (later the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra), the Sydney Symphony, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. From 1930 until his death in 1947, Schnéevoigt was chief conductor of the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Schnéevoigt was a close friend of composer Jean Sibelius and often performed Sibelius's orchestral music. He discovered the manuscripts of Sibelius's pieces Lemminkäinen and the Maidens, and Lemminkäinen in Tuonela which had been thought lost and gave their first performance. He also made the first recording of Sibelius's Symphony No. 6. By an accounting of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Schnéevoigt's conducting style was characterised as "flaccid," "paunchy," "phlegmatic," and "plodding," with "little or no sense of direction so far as discipline was concerned." This notwithstanding, his passion for the music of Sibelius was such that he cried when conducting his works. Schnéevoigt died in Malmö, Sweden in 1947 at age 75.

Jean Sibelius

Symphony no 4 in A minor, Op. 63

Symphony no 6 in D minor, Op. 104

Luonnotar, Op. 70

Finnish National Orchestra

Georg Schnéevoigt

June 4, 1934 (live in London)

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