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Eduard Mörike conducts Schubert: Symphony No.8 (1921)
28.09.2009, 02:23


 FRANZ PETER SCHUBERT was born in the little village of Lichtenthal, near Vienna, on January 31st, 1797.  Of all the great artists the world has known, he was perhaps the most luckless.  Miserably poor, extremely ugly in physical appearance, his finest compositions utterly disregarded during his lifetime, his existence was more sad and weary than is usually the fate decreed for genius.  He was never able to hear even an orchestral rehearsal of his two greatest symphonies, that in C and his symphony in B Minor, popularly known as The Unfinished Symphony.

Contrary to the common belief, the Unfinished Symphony was not his last work.  The popular conception is that death intervened before he could complete it, but this is erroneous.  History gives us very little data concerning Schubert.  He lived an obscure life; his friends were few and he wrote very few letters.  From the meager details available, however, it is thought that the necessity of earning his scanty livelihood forced him to lay aside the Symphony in B Minor.  It is probable that the pressure of poverty prevented him from completing it.

Of all his works, The Unfinished Symphony reveals Schubert's style, melodic mastery and delicate conception to the best advantage.  There is an atmosphere of grandeur surrounding it; its simplicity of theme, the delicacy of its melody and the exquisite harmonic changes are truly the work of genius.  Musicians today concede this Symphony to be the musical masterpiece of the century.

We have recorded on these three records the Symphony in its entirety, just as it was written by the famous composer, note for note.  The Symphony in B Minor was first performed in Vienna in 1865, thirty-eight years after Schubert's death.  Since then it has become a recognized favorite and has been played many times in abbreviated form.  To the best of our knowledge, however, these recordings of the entire Symphony, exactly as written without modification or abbreviation of any kind, are the only ones in existence today.

These recordings are presented to the American Public in the sincere effort to reproduce faithfully, the musical genius of a master, in a manner fitting and appropriate for his greatest work.

It is altogether fitting that these recordings of The Unfinished Symphony were made in Europe, the home of music and the land which produced Schubert, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Beethoven and other composers of immortal fame.

The choice of Eduard Morike and the Orchestra of the German Opera House, Berlin, to make these records, was due to the international reputation Morike and his organization have made.  On the Continent they rank with our own Metropolitan Opera House Orchestra.  Beyond question, they are the finest organization of musicians in Europe today.  Could Schubert himself have made the choice, under present conditions, it is doubtful as to whether he could have secured a group of musicians more ideally equipped to interpret his masterpiece.  Each individual musician is a performer of note and Eduard Morike is considered one of Europe's foremost conductors today.

Through our special arrangements with the International Talking Machine Company, these recordings were made abroad under artistic conditions, ideally suited to call forth the very best musical efforts.  The matrices were then imported and the actual records pressed in this country.  They are released under the Odeon Label.

We have striven to make this set the finest of its kind from every standpoint and worthy of Schubert's genius.  At the same time our endeavor has been to offer a rare and valuable addition to the musical libraries of the American Public.

Symphony No.8 in B Minor by Franz Schubert

Odeon Grossen Symphonie-Orchester

Conductor: Eduard Mörike

Rec.: 22.11.1921

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